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We wish our clients, colleagues, and friends all the best in the achievement of 2016 goals!

Please let us know when you are ready to find your next level of success with clients and employees.

You do not need to understand what we do to call.  “I solve problems no one else can, while no one is looking.”  This takes many forms.  It ALWAYS ends in happy clients.   We don’t broadcast our clients names, but you WOULD know them.

You do not need a long sales pitch to understand when it is “the time” to improve your business overall function.  We are always happy to provide initial consultation fee-free to determine if the fit is right for both parties. If you are curious, let us know.  You can join in the long line of client successes.

Unsure?  We will have you just ask our thousands of clients involved in projects over the years.   You get out of your business success exactly what you put into it and more with Professional Skills Consulting, Inc.

We have also started an additional venture with the launch of Fishers based SF Installs LLC to help clients with excellent office furniture and systems decisions.



J. Michelle Sybesma

P.S. We are on a client wait list currently through first quarter due to capacity.  This is not a bad problem to have as a business, but start your evaluation early because 2016 shows a lot of promise.